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The Life of Pi jorney site has taken parallax scrolling and frame-by-frame animation to another level.

If you like the movie, you will definitely enjoy scrolling on their site.

At the first glance, the Tool of North America site looks like a Flash site, but it is actually all done with Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. The only downside is the content is not indexable by search engines because it is pulled with Ajax (not SEO friendly at all).

If you disable Javascript, you will get a blank page.

Don’t forget to check out the site on mobile; it is also nicely done.

From design to interaction, the Solasie site is two thumbs up.

It was pleasant browsing on the site to enjoy the rich media content (gallery images, music, and videos).

This is a common problem with sites relying on Ajax to display the content, but they often provide anchor tags in the URL bar for sharing pages.

The timeline presentation on the REI 1440 site is very suitable for their concept, "minute-by-minute" timeline making up a 24-hour period.

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