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A rare live version of "Screamin' n Shoutin'", recorded at the University of Abertay Dundee, headlined the NME/1965 Records cover CD featured with the NME issue dated 25 November 2006.The band announced a national tour in April 2007 to mark the album release.Documenting this, a half-hour-long special "On Tour With The View" was broadcast on MTV2 on 18 November 2006.

There is a multitude of musical styles within alternative rock, from the sweet melodies of jangle-pop to the disturbing metallic grind of industrial, yet are all tied together by a similar aesthetic -- they all existed and operated oustide of the mainstream.

If anything, Alternative Rock of the '80s was even more diverse and fractured than the mainstream; among the styles classified as alternative was roots rock, alternative dance, jangle-pop, post-hardcore punk, funk-metal, punk-pop, and experimental rock.

All of these genres made into the mainstream, in some form or another, after Nirvana's success in 1991, but their edges were sanded down since many of the new alternative bands were signed by majors.

Taken from the album, their first single, "Wasted Little DJs", was released 7 August 2006.

The single is dedicated to a pair of blonde hairdressers from Dundee who go by the name "wasted little DJs".

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