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My boyfriend never made a big deal about it, but I could tell he was sometimes uncomfortable with our friendship.

It was a little awkward, and so I can only imagine how hard it must be for girls who date really jealous dudes.

-Cope, Lawrence H., "The fineness and sequence of the Gallienic Antoniniani, A.

The Royal Numismatic Society, London, 1983 Hardcover, 271 pages, 46 plates ISSN 0078-2696 Includes: -Hewett, K.

Dollars : The Accession of Nerva to the Overthrow of the Severan Dynasty, AD 96-AD 235 Spink & Son Ltd., London, 2002 Hardcover with dust jacket, 696 pages ISBN 1-902040-45-7 5299 coin types listed, valuations in Pounds Sterling and U.

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