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The dogs used to be shorn together with the sheep to keep them cool during the hot summers.

Today the characteristic coat is often left intact and grows into very long and ticks cords that compromise the agility of the dog. Photos copyright their respective authors: Komondor, Pumi, Puli © CALLALLOO Canis; Kuvasz © Callalloo Twisty; Wirehaired Vizsla © 4pfoten-design.

The earliest known written traces of the Hungarian language are mostly proper names embedded in the Latin text of legal or ecclesiastical documents.

The first continuous example of the Hungarian language is the a short funeral oration written in about 1200, moving in its simplicity.

Many translations from Latin were made in the 13th and 14th centuries, but the only one that has survived, and also the oldest extant poem written in Hungarian, is a free version of a poem by Godefroy de Breteuil. The preachers Thomas and Valentine, followers of the Bohemian religious reformer Jan Hus, were responsible for this work, of which the prophetic books, the Psalms, and the Gospels have survived.

The corded coat provided protection against extreme weather conditions and predators, such as wolves.

Once a sheepdog, the Pumi is now mostly seen as a pet. Solid black and white are rarer, though also permissible.

Hungarian literature, the body of written works produced in the Hungarian language.

Matthias I Corvinus established the first Hungarian printing press.

The King became known for his library and his patronage of foreign scholars; during his reign Latin literature in Hungary reached its peak in Janus Pannonius, who had been educated in Italy. After the Battle of Mohács (1526) the Ottoman Turks occupied a large part of Hungary and the country was split into three.

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