How to say intimidating in spanish

Simple – ask your neighbour to check with you again when you’re back.And when you're at work, unless it's urgent, don't drop everything to attend to the newest task on your list – just say, ' Sure thing, I'll get onto that as soon as I'm finished with this project.' Feel free to use this classic rejection line if you feel that the product/idea/person/occasion is right for someone, but that someone isn’t you.So stop worrying about what people think, and just say no already.When you get good at saying no, you can probably start pre-emptively saying no to asks before they come.

Smile politely, and say no a second time, just more firmly than the first. If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right, listen to your instincts – and say no.Think that your aunt is going to invite you to her Tupperware party? If you know someone who is always asking for favours, without doing much for you in return, try to avoid them, particularly at times when you know they will be in an asking mood.Normally I’m a huge advocate of the truth, but in some cases, you might need to get a little creative with your no.It’s perfectly acceptable to say that something isn’t the right fit for you.Turn the above axiom on its head, and don’t be afraid to tell people when it’s a hard no, aka ‘Maybe…when pigs fly’.

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