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* Do not expect these student to be able to use a dictionary to correct spelling errors.

This is sequencing at its most difficult and may be nearly impossible for many of these students. Remember, the right brain needs a complete image to understand and work with it.

If these errors must be corrected before a student hands in an assignment or can be be graded and passed on this work, then permit someone else to edit the mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. These are all very abstract concepts that do not make sense to the right brain which sees in whole concrete images. Getting ideas down on paper is much more important than fretting over spelling, grammar and punctuation.

teach these skills, remembering that refusing this accommodation slows the students down, frightens them and take away their freedom to think and fulfill their potential.

We suggest an IPod or MP3 player with appropriate music will make it easier to focus and complete their assignments.

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The norm, of course, is to drop the final 'e' when forming the participle: Rage becomes raging as in: 'The storm was raging.' Stage becomes staging as in: 'They were staging 'Macbeth' in Stratford when I was there.' In a survey carried out in Britain, 1000 people aged between 16 and 65-plus were asked to spell commonly misspelt words. To use a dictionary the student must have a full image and understanding of the whole dictionary page on which the word will be found.For some, this extends to a full visual image of the entire dictionary.Unless they have had a full training of building words using prefixes, stems, roots and suffixes, finding words in a dictionary is a great waste of time and stress.* The solution is to print the words correctly for the students.

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