Hopes of mandating paid family days may lose to recession

Thanks to everyone who donates to this blog’s Patreon for providing the money to make prizes like these possible. You will write an essay summarizing your joint summary of the evidence regarding a controversial topic you disagree on.

Strongly recommend that this be a single factual issue, like “Does gun control save lives on net?

I’ll also post the closing date by which all entries must be completed and submitted to me by email.

Assume for now this will be around July 1, though I’m happy to shift that a little bit if there’s strong demand.

To counter DFAs claims that executives are not being spoiled at the expense of DFAs member-farmers, plaintiffs attorneys quote descriptions of DFAs new headquarters in Kansas. When times are tough, DFA President/CEO Rick Smith likes to sent out a hand-written letter to members. Smiths letter paints DFA as remarkably powerless to do anything about improving milk prices three-plus years into the current milk price Drought. Regardless, FDA inspectors in January 2018 found melamine-contaminated Buttermilk and Whey Protein Concentrate sent to the U. Rabas finds a remarkable correlation in sires that have the Kappa Casein BB and A2 traits. Writer Jan Shepel details the success of a Chinese businessman Zhu Like. Zhu has built a network of 1,000 dairy stores in Chinas smaller cities.

These stores are sort of like Starbucks stores, except that they sell milk and yogurt-based foods. Writer Jan Shepel details efforts by Wisconsins Ellsworth Creamery to develop markets for that co-ops cheese and cheese curds in China. Maybe because China seriously needs more dairy imports to meet needs.

You will come to at least some sort of unified conclusion, even if that conclusion is “There’s not enough evidence in this field to be sure either way and we should default to our priors/biases”. The essay should be similar in length, tone, and amount-of-research to one of my Much More Than You Wanted To Know essays, eg here and here. By entering the contest, you are giving me permission to publish your essay on SSC (with full attribution to you, of course). I will probably publish the winning essay, and I might or might not publish the others depending on how good they are. Because of (5), please don’t research any topic that I would not be able to publish on SSC if you came to a taboo conclusion.

So far, dairy products have not been specifically mentioned in the verbal sparring between China and the U. That test detects whether milk from cows comes from cows that have grazed on fresh forage.Writer Nate Wilson continues his series examining the precarious nature of global trade negotiations taking place between the United States and major dairy export destinations such as Mexico, Canada and China.Writer Jan Shepel relates how she and her dairy farmer/husband took a second look at 2018s revised MPP-Dairy safety net program and concluded that signing up for the .00/cwt. Writer Paris Reidhead takes readers on a journey that starts with reasons for the cold spring weather and concludes with advice to take advantage of cover crops on corn and soybean acreage to reduce soil loss, boost soil organic matter content, and improve crop yields.If you’re wondering whether a specific topic is taboo, you can ask. If you’re officially proposing a collaboration or responding to a proposal, please put those comments in bold so people can find them amidst the discussion in the comment section.I may edit the timestamps on comments to bring these to the top, or even to bring the most interesting ones furthest to the top.

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