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Everything is hand painted apart from some experiments with air spray bottles from Tamiya on the main mast.

Portholes, bridge windows and spotting top windows are made with crystal clear.

in 5S blue, following the latent assertion that the Pearl Harbor battle line was painted blue (per Adm Kimmel's orders), instead of the commonly held belief that the line was painted 5D dark gray.

After the nationals he relapsed and repainted the ship 5D. Some kits are re-issued frequently and others get one release and never show up again.

Wes Beatty sanded down the the deck, as raised planking detail never made much sense to him.

The railings are Gold Medal Models photo-etch and the rigging stretched sprue.

The kit was detailed with photo-etched parts from the kit, the Gold Medal Models German Warships fret, and the White Ensign Models Kriegsmarine light AA weapons set.BB-63 from the Tamiya kit in 0 scale built by Neil Mc Junkins.Gold Medal Models photo-etch was used for the railings and the Kingfishers are from Trumpeter.She is painted in Measure 32, Design 22D using White Ensign Colourcoats.for several years as he did not think that he could successfully render the small oval openings seen in the model.

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