Gv n580so 15i bios not updating

Buying from overseas is a problem if your card breaks and needs to be returned for warranty. If that's the case, I would go for the Asus Direct Cu II.It is one of the cheapest 580's at 9 for starters, and it has a great cooler. I could get the lightning to 1ghz , if you can get your hand on the msi lightning than it's probably the best 580's around your budget...In regards to the Gigabyte Super overclocked version of the gtx580 why wouldnt one just buy the Gigabyte Ge Force GTX 580 Ultra Durable for less and just OC it up myself? That's the reason I'm upgrading :-) Well if you can get a Lightning at good price, grab that.Is there any difference at all for the extra or is it just the clock increase? Are there any better option or good deals for these 4 cards? I assume you're not after some of those 'monster' cards but something that's little sane.Having said all that I got my SOC for 5 (special deal from my local PC shop), so I never really had to decide between the two.My vote is for the MSI GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Edition.

Since PCCG ran out of stock than the SOC is the next best option... t=1592651&p=11 and using Price au mail forwarding service.But to answer your question i.e the best 580's atm, i have to say the ASUS ROG Matrix Ge Force GTX 580 Platinum, this card is a monster at o/c capabilities and quietness...I have seen some review o/c it to 1070mhz which is amazing but it does comes at a premium... A stock Gigabyte 580 from MSY will set you back 3, plus getting it here in Australia will make it much easier if it breaks.now if the 'GPU Gauntlet' is a genuine GPU selection process then one would agree that the etxra would be worth it to ensure a top class/golden sample GPU.However, if this is all just huff and puff then the is wasted... I agree, but I'm not sure that's the only difference between the cards.

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