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It is a beautiful summer afternoon in Ireland, and David Mitchell and I are walking up the High Road above the River Bandon, in the town of Kinsale, talking about supercontinents.One of the pleasures of hanging out with Mitchell is that he is, by self-identification, many kinds of nerd—a Star Trek nerd, a Doctor Who nerd, a map nerd, a taxonomy nerd, a tea nerd, a word nerd, and, for good measure, what you might call a nerd nerd: an enthusiast of nerdery of all kinds.A portfolio of well known brands curated by an experienced editorial team.With over 5000 written, video and audio content published every month, we cover a wide range of technology topics to inform, engage and educate readers.At one point in our conversation, he speaks admiringly of sheep nerds. “I’m reading this book called The Origins of the Irish,” Mitchell says, “and it starts with the literal origins of Ireland: Where did this blob of rock come from?

Cloud Atlas is a symphony for six genres, set across six locations and several hundred years.“All boundaries are conventions, even national ones.One may transcend any convention, if only one can first conceive of doing so.” That is what Mitchell has been doing for the past 15 years.Mitchell has lived in Ireland since 2004 but is not from there, and he admires but does not identify with, or seem to belong to, its formidable literary tradition.He was born in Lancashire and raised in the village of Hanley Swan—the model for the town in his fourth novel, Black Swan Green—but he does not seem like a particularly British writer either.

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