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We also know that peculiar new hybrids are appearing; the best known of them is the peculiar gracile-limbed Kellas cat, apparently an introgressive hybrid between feral domestic cats and Scottish wildcats (Shuker 1990).

For most places that supposedly harbour ABCs, the ‘escaped alien’ theory best fits the evidence.

Derryberry moved to Southwest Texas the following year, and Gillispie accompanied him, spending three years as a graduate assistant.

Gillispie received his degree in education in 1983.

The first bit of footage (I’ve been unable to track down details on when and where it was filmed: let me know if you can help) showed a big black cat slinking along a vegetated hillside.

The cat appeared to be very large (I say this based on the size of the surrounding vegetation, and on the overall look and ‘heaviness’ of the animal), but its pointed ears, tail and gait make it look quite different from a leopard or any other big cat.

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This sounds incredible: how does the evidence hold up? On the one hand I want to try and maintain some sort of credibility as a trained scientist, but on the other hand there is a strong incentive to write about the fantastic, the incredible, and the bizarre, simply because this is what generates the hits.It also looked nothing like a leopard cat, ocelot, caracal, lynx, or any of the golden cats.Clearly, what I’m getting at is hard to quantify, but it was as if someone had super-sized a feral moggie.Regular readers will know that I always try and self-justify my occasional forays into cryptozoology and associated topics in this way, mostly out of a massive amount of paranoia. Wherever it is in the world that you live, you’ve probably heard tales and reports of mysterious big cats that wander about the countryside and, generally, go unphotographed and uncaught.Here in Britain people regularly report big ‘black panthers’, tan-coloured ‘pumas’, bob-tailed ‘lynxes’ and an assortment of smaller spotted and striped cats that variously recall Leopard cats . As I’ve tried to get across in previous articles (see British big cats: how good, or bad, is the evidence?

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