Giessen dating

(Rebuilding is considered economically feasible if it does not exceed 35 percent of value.) The maintenance division at Giessen QM Depot is considered to be the only QM depot maintenance division in Europe that meets Stateside standards.

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Besides manpower savings we are also cutting down on long distance telephone calls.

It was an easy job, and left plenty of time to take leave.

I especially liked the fact that I could take a day's leave, and get a day of travel before, and a day of travel after.

The Giessen center is within the command of Mai Gen Edward J. Every one of the thousands of QM items needed by U. forces overseas is under direct control of the Giessen center.

O'Neill, Com Z CG, with its headquarters reporting to Col Robert C. Commanding officer at Giessen is 43-year-old Col Joseph S. A West Pointer, class of '38, Kujawski has had a distinguished record in QM Corps dating from 1940. Hendricks, in charge of clothing and textiles; Lt Col Henry G. The storage division receives, checks and stores incoming supplies, then ships them throughout Europe as needed.

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