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Looking back, how I wish I had a garden community — or even just one friend! It would have been so much nicer to text someone or ask a question online and get a real person’s response instead of relying on search engines and outdated gardening forums.Thankfully, the garden world has changed quite a bit in the last several years, and garden communities are more commonplace.Keep your view on the long-term — enjoying a plentiful harvest and a rewarding experience year after year.On the flip side, maybe you have extra time or extra space.

I’m just one example of a gardener who has added to my garden as I gained experience.

But failure isn’t something to fear; it’s something to embrace as a learning opportunity. But in mid-summer the work, the heat, the weeds, and the bugs can start to wear on you.

It’s unlikely your entire garden will fail, unless you completely neglect it. The last thing you want in your garden efforts is discouragement.

Speaking of soil health, it’s much quicker and easier to control the soil fertility in a raised bed.

While it is possible to amend soil in a ground bed, depending on the ground, this could take years.

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