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But often most are just building a hype with fake growth.The real metric would be to measure one’s active user-base.The investor pressure is already mounting on a few who are ‘expanding globally to Malaysia, Indonesia’ for namesake!I am sure they must be struggling to raise their next round of funding. I must admit here that Tinder is the baap of all dating terms of growth, revenue and active user-base, we believe we’ve done a fair job despite being a bootstrapped / self-funded and are already ahead compared to many funded startups in this space.I am only wondering what these funded competitors have been doing whose growth, revenue and active user-base is quite low.

Quack Quack is not on i OS, while all others are 2. 60% of our traffic comes from desktop / mobile browsers 3. An important factor for a startup’s performance after growth is the revenue it generates and the profit it makes. Our app ranks higher than i Crushi Flush in Top Grossing — Lifestyle apps where ranking is based on Play Store in-app purchases.

Something any other app hasn’t been able to replicate.

It will be interesting to see how we and other competitors fight out this behemoth.

PS: From my observation, the Play Store rankings are simple — the day you get more installs, you ranking improves and the day your app gets less installs, your ranking drops. There are a few apps in this list who have got thousands of app installs via this process.

I have never seen co-relation between retention and app ratings with app rankings. Conclusion: Quack Quack’s growth in terms of Android app installs / signups is just behind Truly Madly, while all others lag behind depsite all the branding and user acquisition, considering Android is the main source of user growth for all dating apps.

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