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For instance in the last week I've had blocks on Tesco and the whole of CNET.I can't remember which channel it is that does it but there's a couple that regularly put adverts for the next episode of the programme you are watching in the ad breaks within the programme which can end up being huge plot spoilers for the current episode!Exchange itself gets on to backbone via local town 5-miles away, I believe, which has been upgraded and is ' Accepting Orders'.I'm guessing that it is fibre between the exchanges anyway and the village exchange would need new equipment in it for me to get it.The Tesco's site asks for the username (not email address), full password (good) but the three random characters of the security number are presented and named as x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6 with the three you don't have to enter greyed out. they [Microsoft] could have counter-sued on the basis that Sky infringed on Skype" Other way around, I'm afraid, Sky sued Microsoft over the Sky in Skype and Microsoft lost!That was 2015, not sure what's happening now though as Skype shows not signs of changing its name. But a NAS device alone only defends you against HD crashes and not disasters that take out all of the IT kit in your house which is where the cloud comes in.Verified by Visa is just the banks attempting to offload their fraud liabilities on to the retailer. Accounts opened in the last couple of years required customer ID and three random characters from the passcode and three random characters from the registration number.

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If it's anything like the blocking that I've accidentally switched on on my Orange (EE) phone (and can't switch off without a credit reference check to prove I'm 18 - even though I've been paying by direct debit for 13-years and you can't have direct debits on an account until you are 18 - or showing my passport in an Orange shop) then it'll be pants and block everything in sight.

Sam Knows gives a figure of around 700 premises for the exchange so not sure it would ever be a target. I've been thinking for years that some company should release a point-and-shoot camera that is also a phone rather than the other way around. "HTC was infringing on a patent that allows folks to isolate data such as phone numbers in emails and then call the number" I'm pretty sure my old Sony Ericsson K750i could do that with numbers in SMS text messages - the K850i could certainly do it. Some credit card companies issue additional cards against the primary card holder's account with exactly the same 16-digit card number, start date, expiry date and even CVV2 number - Tesco Visa I'm looking at you.

Although my router claims to sync at 8Mbps (numerous speeds tests have been all over the place with the best being around 6.5Mbps but regularly down below 2Mbps) but trying to watch i Player or You Tube ends up frequently buffering and i Player drops out claiming not enough bandwidth. Cool bit of kit - 16MP camera with 10x optical zoom and Android OS but no phone capabilities? ""Would you prevent a family having separate accounts on the same CC" ? Which means on the few websites which do check for this then my wife can't use her credit card if I have an account on the site too e.g. Thankfully many credit card companies, Barclaycard included, issue additional cards against the primary card holders account with a different 16-digit number.

Select change password; Answer some staggeringly easy questions (you know, like mother's maiden name and postcode) and set your new password and it says "you've used that one before you can't have it" - at which point you punch the screen shouting "that's the bloody one I was entering before".

You just end up in a loop resetting your password every single time you're forced to use it. Old Santander accounts require customer ID, full passcode and full registration number.

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