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Whrn 'I'm'tir i Jaylrfc ^^ji to tht 1IK1F Mitchell TTirried rf i Linaiitly. wi« biowjttfi nu Ktly tm his rup M:iric Hi ipoke lietwefn the nl Pn. it'i hi\ *itt O llifair " She way frndl Ttg hrc hijshjtnd, btll tier vtifer was t Fjjtlh-led. Then un ihr cim of the MMt wavk- he cmtlt J ice Ihe li|Ehi rsdci tccl fflf the wiig^lini; fiah in the ott. i hry fjcuan lo nrovr in ton atdi the black i H4iliiiej nf the 'III lit, bbcter than the water or ihc iky. "Jt means," he con- tiii Hcd gravely, "thm we've gpl our worl; cut out for iii ► rirtber the itorrn comes or not. it rf-^n'[ roioe anywhefe Ofar UE, but we've got to he prrfrated in a Hi..uiie, rejtardlr M. Our job ii to anticipate what we mig^t call the enemy's tnijiiirm-nu, make every posiible defe^c^^ . Much more qiiickly he en- visioned a nriass of detail exploding in his face, all tedioiis, all involving cndtess argnm«it. ^* "Veil," "Vou Kcem to have rcnmed your faith in him." "I have not for a monirni done so. Then he jinid, "I doubt if even our Mr, f\mith would fuinhte a situation as serious an this. the tremendous inte Tt-st srcmsed in Erigliind in iirrb^eolugy. Taylor as brr praponed rrp [^cement, Rtran RRSt rips Jor the jnb arc C'^lurnbia'i young Ji^Anna Mfjorc — newly sigried to a srv(Tt-year cscliuive comrart — iind thp u Tiknown jo Mrkrrow, ^^L^KK f SAIU. to Il;i]v :ci Mar Iti ''H:iy of Xnjitcs" Utr Paramoum a°ey rennn led hii rnm Krr ihetni u. of wilt' h Zrus traa Dtily ;t Diumr iidiurnturr, Wat %'[ihie«ji|e 111- rrttiriiin, ihr s Jiiihirsh fuul- j/tirfl pug4' Jti iba T the k^i %ttd Yra.

John's Wood, London, Inm n irhoiil f*ir tenchinie up-nnd-comm^ s^inv-binine^ yuun^^tera. riiii Kid PTed hi-r mciurnirnj, her rtimamic didoes with Eiidie madr the headline). Thk is every [hing, crnaiinly, Eddie'* show-business heart CDuld desire. Fnr I doiibt that either he or Liz has tlte r:onatanry or forbearance that is needed to liiild n ri Liae Ingether »nd allow it to rtlature with the yea TS.

koala to make htr -CLiddlc a Koalii " song coroc true t Suring a day's Dutiti(; wt arranged at tbe •Sir (n, of niir Lon Hnii wr E- "Etldv has twen tjoing noti- flertu Uy well in m MAiral com- edy Tie had pa Tii in Iout films lasi year, ;ind KEwa Tiorhr T four linpd ijp far this year." Irene. h'fi itie Htjigr nij her irtarriafje tiv*- x'enrv ngn. raring for her children atid pmducin^ aclj (or T\'' shows, Irene has turned till" gri))ind-rtoor iludin nf her horne iti St. Pose 13 National Library of Australia thank goodness for C&U^SLS Instant pudding Huiif^ry fritniliea rusliitij; home from iicii Dal urwork...

Am(fr«'r fciuim/jf fimdmi af'4ihriiiie,li-Pond'x Perth W Bilrllin 81 , Wrtli Utn/i" Box 4110 o p.o Vd I. "l wttn tf him r ahnosi T five yenr^ and pntdured two ion Sj Christopher »nd Mirjiael. Thr [nlluutng Fr.hriiary Debbie and Eddie^ who had been h\v. Thry nfinicd hitn F.manuc J Todd flfter Milic I ^ motiih later, Mike Tot Jd mei his death when hia plane, "Lucky Lii," crashf^ in the rtiouniaini in a *! Eur "Suddrjily Laet ^iinimer," ftncitll CT 'lenneisd*^ \Vilti,ifmi dramo, ahe h AS ieen iilfered £3? lite hrcak-itp t^f lii*L marria^ ,'ind thr iinh Appioess it is libcly to cause his ehilthen .

Hufly t'orur* (]fi[fl (irrarf) - thflf -J thr j M^f wny Iti wliiftk 2/'J, jars 4/11 and 7/11. Irene luiid ihut her busbnnd itiited ,1* tei'advisrf on S^tbrirui\ Au^irat Lm iwing K. If Eddie marries Liz, noi only will he he jcittmi a glanior-gliiterini J wi'ft, uf « |(Oori English ramily, who tnansiji's the lovifest-cut lirtsse* and the maa eiiiboratr l.jiilljrt 1h, \' ii (iiir Mnir Tffdih ii Jnonfht, uihilr Difbhir ho Sd M Cmrrijt, 2, Jewds and still, vomehow, looli n lacly. Eliiaheth, today, alter "Cut on a iio L Tin Roof," is in great tlfiuartd. TVof prettif Ri^ht now, 1 suppose, the price he is payiof; lor thht , - .

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