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63) [1963: Faith 7] "The nation's longest manned space flight ended last night in near perfection when Astronaut L.

Gordon Cooper splashed down into the Pacific Ocean 31 hours, 20 minutes and 30 seconds after launching....several of the experiments performed by Maj Cooper in his flight are aimed directly at aimed at the Gemini project..cubes of concentrated food consumed by Maj Cooper in space ate the foods that are planned for Gemini pilots during their long days in space." ---"Cooper Lands Faith 7 in Pacific," Wall Street Journal, May 17, 1963 (p.

They said the automatic culture of tissue could be applied to: 1.

Space feeding--a never-ending compact supply of vegetables, fruit and meat.

Psychocologist Schwartz, who helped develop the Navy chow for Antarctica's Operation Deep Freeze in 1956, worked out a recipe on paper and shopped in a Bethpage, N. supermart for worth of groceries-flour, corn starch, powdered milk, banana flakes, and hominy grits.

After mixing the ingredients he baked them in a hydraulic press at 400 degrees Fahrenheit under 3,000-pound pressure.

When Scott Carpenter tried to eat cookies on his flight, the crumbs stayed behind to float in front of his face like so many large particles of dust.

The contents could not pop out under reduced pressure in the space capsule, say company scientists.

[1962: Friendship 7] "Within about twenty minutes after he had soard aloft, Lieut. His squeeze food was semisolid, which means it was pretty much like baby food, but with adult seasoning and sugar added. He would have floated in his spacecraft if not strapped down. The tubes have caps, with metal seals inside the neck.

His two-course meal consisted of a beef-vegetable mixture and applesauce. So his meal was packed inside special aluminum tubes developed by American Can Company container scientists.

(2) We find no print evidence, or patents, confirming this project became a reality.] "On any long journey into unchartered areas, explorers naturally plan their food rations carefully. Admundsen's success in taking along extra food in useful form has given one scientist, Grumman Aircraft's Sidney A.

Schwartz, 36, and idea: he thinks space capsules could be built, at least in part, out of edible stuff.

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