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With "framework fatigue" and inevitable complexity by extension, JS may seem long in the tooth compared to compiled languages that target it as a "high level assembly language" (not to mention languages old and new that target Web Assembly). As with Star Trek, JS is being renewed by a new generation of language maintainers and library/compiler developers.

In this keynote, Brendan will briefly review the history of JS, talk about why the language is the way it is, and shed light on what is coming this year and next into the top four JS engines directly from Ecma TC39, the standards body that acts as steward of the language.

session=database-as-api-with-postgresql-and-massive-js#program' data-resource-path='/events/9815-fullstack-2018-the-conference-on-javascript-node-and-internet-of-things/sessions/12008-database-as-api-with-postgresql-and-massive-js' has been around for a while, and it's not showing any signs of slowing down yet.

It’s about the things that he wishes he knew since the beginning, his “ah-ah that’s how it works!

moments that guided him to write code in a more expressive and declarative way.

NEWS: We're so glad to announce that we have confirmed several Keynotes such as Brendan Eich, Sean Larkin, Sarah Drasner, Maximiliano Firtman, Mathias Bynens, Douglas Crockford and Val Head! Check out Full Stack 2017's Highlights and Skills Casts here! Visit the Skills Matter booth during Full Stack London for a Party Ticket (tickets are limited to 400 only - so grab one while they last!

Follow #fullstackcon on twitter and let us know what you think! ) to enjoy some drinks at Codenode's , dance to some cool music, share your experience and impressions of Full Stack London with other Full Stack London attendees.

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