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Additionally, the app serves as a comprehensive dispensary database, complete with user reviews and the ability to filter by price, menu items, and store type.

What it is: Tinder for tokers i OS: Free Android: Free Like Tinder if everyone on Tinder couldn't pass a drug test, High There!

You almost certainly won’t do this on a regular basis, but it’s a handy option to have.

You can export entire conversations - complete with emoji and media attachments - by hitting More inside a chat a selecting Email Chat.

What it is: Like a "buy-10-get-one-free" punch card, but for weed i OS: Free Android: Free While this app does many of the same things Weedmaps is useful for (dispensary menu and pricing info), it's worth downloading solely for the deals you might not find anywhere else.

However, you can delete even older messages – from several days ago – by changing the time on your phone’s clock.

For better or worse (nah, probably for the better), weed culture of the modern era has far surpassed its stereotype-laden roots.

The drug rugs and stoner vans are out, dispensaries are in, marijuana is kinda legal sometimes, and cannabis technology is everywhere.

And thanks to the ganja-loving nerds of Silicon Valley, there's now a whole wide world of wonderfully helpful and convenient apps out there just for the weed lovers among us.

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