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A song with chart potential The song was recorded originally for Queen’s studio LP ‘A Night at the Opera’.

Realising its chart potential, the band drummed up support among radio DJs such as Kenny Everett and ‘Diddy’ David Hamilton for the unusually long ( minutes) album track to be released as a single.

Part 1 [Intro] Yeah, Kane Yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1] My ambitions as a rider, nigga Survival off that powder, nigga Currently smokin' that kill in the hills Where you can't find a nigga Crack cocaine, microwave Dinner was on that timer nigga No sleep, bags under my eyes Is designer, nigga Blinded and misguided, nigga Heavenly Father take the wheel I'm on the interstate with some guerrilla Weight shit can give me like 200 years Thug in the pen', I need forgiveness I'm livin' like a every decision a sin I know my niggas don't want me to win Jealousy, choppin' off all of my friends [Bridge] I ride with that white-white, just like Fight Night we be weighin' in VVS my pieces, 20 karats, Jesus say Amen Tricked off on my new bitch, she was half black and Malaysian Spent my last 200 thou' on a bird and a Mercedes Benz My dog used to pull up in a '99 GS300 Fresh up on the highway with the higher power, how you want it?

But we're hoping it's a bit of a misdirect, or the money Universal paid to bring her back is going to be a bit of a waste.

One thing we do know, some of the songs we'll all be singing along to next year, after ABBA member Benny Andersson revealed some of the confirmed songs that'll appear in the sequel.

So it's a prequel and a sequel."Dominic Cooper promises the script is worth the wait.

"I thought it was going to resurface much more quickly than this, but what's great is that they've waited.

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