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or in which the author is a sadist but at the same time is extremely nice and fluffyalso not a thing where hide keeps nagging a boy who says no i dont wanna be married, it is literally just that kaneki doesnt notice what hes doing lmaoothis is a trainwreck but it's a cute one my own work is making me blush and laugh is that narcissistic whatever enjoy It was the time at last. And he knew exactly how he was gonna do it.…That was a lie. Kaneki didn’t even glance at the monitor, anxious gaze set on Hide. Kaneki smiled contentedly as Hide chattered away, barely keeping his breakfast down.

The moment he got the idea set in his head he went straight to Googling. Kaneki deserved the very very best, so he had better get scrolling! With every sip the ghoul took Hide became more visibly nervous, soon absolutely shaking with anticipation. It was a proposal, actually, which is kind of as opposite as you can get to a murder except for giving birth, which he was also not planning. This was absolutely, positively, the greatest proposal ever.

Hide doesn’t really pull many pranks during other times of the year, so this would go great. Hide was an amazing cook, as was consistent with the rest of his Mom Friend personality, so he was certain he could achieve something truly amazing, something that would deserve Kaneki’s “I do.” He had been cooking all day, and it was all he could do not tackle his boyfriend when he at last heard the doorknob turning.“Ka~ne~ki~! ” Hide exclaimed with a grin, doing some jazz hands. “I’m so he yelled, sticking his arms and legs straight up in the air and wiggling them around. “No, you’re not…” he trailed off under Hide’s unimpressed glare. Once Hide had escaped his perpetrators and returned his rental majestic stallion, he couldn’t help but grin with anticipation, the relative mundanity of the day so far further amplifying the excited anticipation of what was to come.

” he purred, swinging an arm around the other’s shoulders as he was still trying to get out of his coat. “Enough food to feed an army, just for the two of us. ”His bright smile left Kaneki stumped, caught between a rock and a hard place. God.” Hide collapsed backwards with a heavy thud and Kaneki was immediately crouched over him, concerned.“Hide? “Well, okay, it pretty stupid.” Kiss on the forehead. This, he was convinced, was definitely his best idea yet. As it happened, on this day Kaneki had to work late; something about “protecting humanity” or whatever; Hide couldn’t remember the details.

“YOU JUST GOT SO REKT.”“Hide we have been dating for seven years I--”“SO “REKT.”Of course, that was every morning for them on April Fools Day.

What was unusual was the lack of pranks following it. ” Hide ran to a wall and pounded his head against it until the two were forcibly removed from the premises.“Were you okay back there?

“Something at the cafe, I have to go now.”“And your coffee? “This was my favorite spot before I moved to Tokyo,” he explained as he walked, a one-sided conversation with the other who was too preoccupied with not tripping to respond with more than an occasional murmur.“It’s so cool, the branches kind form a circle parallel to the ground, so we could play basketball and stuff faaar away from lame adults who would try to stop us from wrestling or whatever. I fell out of it once.” Kaneki paused to raise a disbelieving eyebrow, and Hide reluctantly relented.

” Hide blurted, trying to at least keep down his kicked puppy face. “Okay, a lot more than once.”And such did their conversation continue until Hide picked up speed to a slight jog, urging Kaneki onward. ” He could hardly breathe for the butterflies in his stomach.

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” Kaneki laughed as he was guided by the other, with Hide’s hands over his eyes. The two were standing in the middle of the college’s football field facing the bleachers.

When Kaneki approached his favorite tree, Hide felt as if his heart stopped. And, as Hide watched with his heart in his throat, he frowned. Kaneki looked back at him sympathetically and sighed.“Sorry. ” “Well--” Kaneki frowned heavily as he worked through his phrasing. Hide had been out for three hours now, and he couldn’t find one. The closest thing Hide had done to a prank so far was the initial proposal of an outing.

He hardly heard Kaneki’s question, asking if it was said basketball tree, over the blood roaring through his years. Uh, y-yeah..”Kaneki smiled as he ran his hand over the bark. “I mean, this is your special place and all, and some jerk had to go and vandalize it! I wouldn’t like to see the state of this person’s relationship now, that’s for sure.” Hide thought, mentally sinking still further into the ground. Patrick’s Day, and he would like to hope that luck was now on his side, hence his current idea! Kaneki had been woken that morning with gentle kisses being splattered across his face.

“I’ve gotta surprise for you.” Kaneki flushed with a tiny smile, always a bit self conscious under Hide’s doting affection. ” he asked as he was dragged along, before finally reaching the kitchen and seeing-- wow. He didn’t want to, but it was better to let Hide down gently now, rather than vomit up his apparent hard work. ”“Uh…”“Hide, sweetie, I’ve been part ghoul since we were teenagers. What could be more romantic than severed hand with an engagement ring on it, in a pizza box, with “WILL YOU MARRY ME? Whatever it was, it sounded stupid and should never have taken priority over a meal with his boyfriend.“Jerk,” Hide muttered, chucking the hand at the wall in his frustration.

He quickly picked it back up, though, because if it wasn’t being eaten he may as well return it to its owner. August As it turns out, hiding a wedding ring in an ice cube for a cute summer themed proposal was a great idea until your ghoul boyfriend chokes on it and ends up in the ER.

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