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According to that article, Halsey Minor financed some part of the the new Grand Central, and the company name was purchased by Walker and Paquet.

There are 16 patent applications in the USPTO patent assignment database, assigned to Grand Central Communications, but those appear to have been developed under the earlier incarnation of Grand Central Communications.

From one of the press releases previously on the Peakstream site: ATI GPUs in concert with the Peak Stream software platform are giving companies the ability to process data at speeds they’ve only dreamt of until now,” said Dave Orton, CEO and president of ATI Technologies Inc.

“Today’s graphics processors are capable of processing far more than just graphics applications – they are fully capable parallel processors ideally suited for a wide range of scientific, business and consumer applications.

The Official Google Blog also makes note of the acquisition in a post titled Adding more flare.

Feedburner was started in 2003, by Dick Costolo, Eric Lunt, Steve Olechowski, and Matt Shobe.

These are some of the services cited in the press release: The company was started in 2005, and was founded by Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet, who had worked together running internet telephony pioneer Dialpad Communications (acquired by Yahoo in 2005).

Looking through the Internet Archives, I uncovered a different Grand Central, which offered a very different range of services, but ran into some problems: If Grand Central sounds familiar, it’s because it has a history.

The company creates software that utilizes the processing power in off-the-shelf 3-D accelerator cards in ways that may not have been anticipated by the manufacturers of those cards.The software works with new high performance processors such as multi-core CPUs, graphics processor units (GPUs) and Cell processors, using a stream processing approach.The company was inspired by Stanford University’s Brook Project on stream programming.I’ve written about the acquisition in more detail at Google Acquires Webfonts Presentation Developers, Zenter, Inc.Google purchased Tonic Systems (see below) in April, 2007, which makes backend software for presentation systems.

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