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As a result, Haro earned the title "The Father of Freestyle".During the early eighties, the company grew rapidly by expanding its product line and establishing national and international distribution.As a result of Haro's huge success, companies like Hutch, Diamond Back, GT, Schwinn, Redline, Dyno, CW and Skyway modeled their own frame versions after Haro's designs.During the 80s, GT became Haro's strongest competitor.There are currently two (formerly four) different variants of the H-IIA in active service for various purposes.A derivative design, the H-IIB, was developed in the 2000s and made its maiden flight in 2009.

The first H-IIA was successfully launched on August 29, 2001, followed by a string of successes.Our indoor vehicle display area will offer attendees a display of the latest airport vehicles on the market, whatever the weather!Contact our team to secure the great opportunities available.As of March 2015, 27 out of 28 launches were successful.A rocket with increased launch capabilities, H-IIB, is a derivative of the H-IIA family.

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