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The cold climate probably drove the hominid to migrate south and find a home at Nanjing.The results, says Zhao, strongly challenge the reliability of other model-dependent dating techniques widely used in the study of hominid evolution.Everyone, from a major NGO to a teenager like you, can be an author (and also an editor, art director, and publisher) of a zine, and that’s part of what makes them so awesome.

The team has used thermal ionisation mass spectrometry to measure uranium decay in flowstone calcite to date a hominid site more accurately than previously possible.Within the Tangshan cave, a pure, dense and crystalline speleothem flowstone was found to overlie the fossil bed of Nanjing Man, providing a rare opportunity for accurate dating, explains Zhao. erectus, he adds, similar to his famous cousin Peking Man, who was found at Zhoukoudian.Whereas the Peking Man fossils were lost during the 1930s, the Nanjing Man fossils were well preserved; two complete hominid skulls and one tooth belonging to three individuals were unearthed in 1993. s results, combined with ecological and climatic evidence, suggest that Nanjing Man is at least 580,000 years old - the age of the overlying flowstone.The fact that different parts of a fossil tooth yield discordant results are a clear indication of the unreliability of the tooth dates, emphasises Zhao. Previously, it was thought they may have migrated out of Africa and forced indigenous Asian H. The study clearly shows there is no known overlap in time between H. sapiens; nor is there any evidence suggesting that evolution was slower in China than in other regions.This conclusion demonstrates a need to re-assess existing chronologies for many other sites using new and more reliable dating methods. Barnes believes Zhao has produced good data, Despite the dates being moved back a few hundred thousand years erectus does seem to persist in China and more advanced hominids don?

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