Excel updating merge

When you merge data, In Design creates a new document that replaces the fields with the data you designated in the data source file.

You can place data fields on either a master page or a document page.

If you do not include the quotation marks, each name is treated as a separate field.

By adding image fields to the data source file, you can allow a different image to appear on each merged record.

(See Create masters.) If an error message indicates that In Design cannot merge the document because no placeholders are present, you may have added the placeholders to the left master page in a one-page document.

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You can use In Design to view the path of an image on your operating system. Check your source application’s user guide for more information on exporting to these formats. Data source files should be saved in a comma-delimited (.csv) or tab-delimited (.txt) text format.You can assign an image field to an existing frame to create a floating image.Or, if the insertion point is in a text frame or if text is selected when you insert an image field, a small placeholder is inserted as an inline frame.

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