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These pipes predate all known history, and are embedded into the rock itself.They are said to lead through the very mountain, and connect to a nearby salt lake. Ruins of a construction project 150,000 years ago, by alien visitors.The cave appeared to have been artificially dug, and was triangular, about six meters deep.Nearby were two similar caves, but they had collapsed and could not be entered.touts the Baigong Pipes as one of Six Insane Discoveries that Science Can't Explain.And although that's where most reporting of the Baigong Pipes stops, it's also where responsible inquiry should begin.Most accounts describe a pyramid-shaped outcropping on the mountain, and the cave containing the pipes is on this pyramid.

The Chinese have put forth several such hypotheses, including one involving the seepage of iron-rich magma into existing fissures in the rock.Assuming this magma was of the right composition that, when combined with the chemical effects of subsequent geological processes, we might very likely expect to see such rusty iron structures in the local rock.But evidence of this has never surfaced, and the Chinese dismissed this theory.But what struck Bai was the array of manufactured metal pipes protruding up through the floor of the cave and embedded within its walls, one 40 cm wide.Following their path outside, Bai discovered more pipes protruding from the surface of the conical hill, and even more of them 80 meters away from the cave along the shore of the lake.

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