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Please keep in mind that a family tree is never only yours alone - it may be possible to share the costs with relatives who might also be interested in the information.The results you get from us have lasting value, you can hand it over to your descendants.

Upon receipt of the information that you have and the questions of what you are looking for, we can provide an estimate of how long the research might take.For example, you could at first order a research for 5 or 10 hours and then, after having received the report, you could order another 5 or 10 hour research to get more information.However, then you would have to wait for another six months for the continuation report to be ready.The following is an overview of the services offered by the Estonian Biographical Center. We plan to create a web page which will have much information of use to those who prefer to do their research on their own rather than use our services. The client sets the number of hours we may use for the research. As the first research hours are the most effective ones, then: One hour up to the 15th research hour costs EUR 18 (approximately USD 19.60, CAD 27.20, AUD 26.80, SEK 165, GBP 13.20).One hour from the 16th research hour onwards costs EUR 15 (approximately USD 16.30, CAD 22.70, AUD 22.35, SEK 138, GBP 11).

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