Established dating sites for sale kevin connelly dating

Most, if not all people are curious by nature and they will come and check out your website.

They may find interesting partners and want to contact those, in which case they will take out a paid membership.

(When dating websites go out of business (because they did not have our professional help to grow), we purchase the contents of their databases.) Q: How difficult would it be to take a new direction and offer dating services in a new or different niche area or location? More and more dating websites operate successfully in niche areas and so can you (example: there are enough transvestites in the USA, UK, EUROPE and beyond who are looking for partners and are willing to pay specialist dating sites high membership fees for finding them, to create US$ 500,000 in revenue per year)A: You need to change the look and the name, upgrade the quality of your site, add a payment gateway and you may have to put up with losing up to 65% of your regular users.

As you have access to their email addresses, you go about sending out a mass email (we can provide suitable email text on request) to your new profile owners, telling them the good news that they now have another dating website to find partners on.

For information on how to receive adult profile samples, please email us.

A: Yes you can, when they come to your site and find a suitable partner they wish to contact, you can charge them a membership fee.

You should send your resume as a specialist in dating and relationships to the written press, local and regional radio &television stations, media production companies etc.

They will ask you for comments when there is a news item related to dating or relationships and you will always be allowed to mention your dating website.

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