Erin andy dating

Pam’s maternity-leave replacement tried to seduce Jim, unsuccessfully.

Jim started an athlete-management company (Athlead) with some of his college friends; it’s based in Philadelphia, so he split time there and and in in Scranton.

Ultimately, this leads to the moment when Erin, right before Andy is supposed to sing “Secretary of Love” to her for her Secretary’s Day celebration, throws a piece of cake in his face.

Dwight believed that Angela’s child was his, despite her insistence that Philip is a Lipton, not a Shrute.

Angela still harbored love for Dwight, and briefly acted on it.

Meredith: Shaved her head when the whole office got lice from Pam and her kids.

Toby: Became obsessed with his role as a juror on the Scranton Strangler case.

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