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The rates of HTLV-1 are exceeding 40 percent among adults in remote regions of central Australia, with indigenous communities being the hardest hit, especially in the town of Alice Springs.Gallo, along with many other experts, is hoping to raise alarm and draw attention to how little has been done to prevent, test for, and treat HTLV-1, which reportedly can cause leukemia and lymphoma.Despite this disturbing and rapid spread of the virus in this area, “nobody that I know of in the world has done anything about trying to treat this disease before,” said Gallo, who is also cofounder and scientific director of the Global Virus Network and chairs the network’s HTLV-1 Task Force.

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Graham Taylor, a clinician and professor at Imperial College London who runs the United Kingdom’s HTLV clinical service based at St. “But if we look globally, we know about HTLV-1 in a number of countries." HTLV-1 is present throughout the world, but there are certain areas where it is highly endemic, including isolated pockets in southwestern Japan, the Caribbean, South America, intertropical Africa, and the Middle East. “The virus is neglected, and the diseases that it causes are neglected.” Gallo agrees and says many regions around the world impacted by HTLV-1 are poorer communities that often go overlooked by the medical establishment, and don’t have as many health care resources.Though he says it is “possible” that another, more easily transmittable variant of the virus might exist in some of these indigenous communities.Either way, more research and attention to HTLV-1 is necessary.Perhaps you’re a party animal who’s searching for a partner in crime?Or maybe you love to cook and are searching for someone that shares your passion for food?

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