Drake and tyra banks dating

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this – that choosing two names from the small pool that might be considered “Royal” sets off alarms in people; that you might be critiqued for having delusions of grandeur or something.

I heard they were dating," the employee went on to write.

In April this year The Sun reported that Drake was dating “Decline” singer Raye and that the pair had spent some time together during Drake’s time in London.

A source told the publication that the rapper took an interest in Raye because of her song writing skills and the pair went on a “string of dates” taking her to eat at his favourite spot in Central London.

I have to admit that your other choices, Andrea and Nicole, while pretty, are a little bit passé by today’s standards – certainly 80s. Otherwise, if you’re secretly feeling inclined to go with Charlotte but feel like it’s too royal also, stand advised that the Queen would never allow one of her successors to be called “Charlie”.

But the widespread love of Nicole and its Frenchness made me start to think of Yvonne.

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