Double your dating audiobook rapidshare

The Flow first covers mindsets, attitudes and how to apply what you learn, before diving into the techniques and methods of how to meet and attract women.There's some good information here, although some of it is easier to implement than others.But overall the first few chapters here are a solid introduction on how to prepare yourself for success as you start the journey of improving your success with women.

There's a number of different places mentioned as to where you might meet a woman, but it would've been good to show more examples of how to craft conversation starters for specific situations.This section covers the mental aspects of approaching women, the role that your body language plays in how girls will perceive you as well as how it influences your own thoughts and emotions, and lastly what to actually say to women.So there's some info on dealing with approach anxiety and the most common thoughts guys have that prevent them from talking to women.Especially for beginners, this is strongly recommended.Then there's advice on how to improve your mindsets, which is a bit harder to implement.

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