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Lab 42, a market research firm, found that Facebook can bring about both the beginning and end of a relationship.The studay found that 33 percent of respondents had broken up with a significant other via text message, email or Facebook; 40 percent they would conceivably do so.Per the graphic — which pulls data from a number of sources, including Reuters and The Washington Post — online dating is worth more than one billion dollars per year, with the mobile phone dating market worth 0 million. Internet dating being bigger than porn actually makes sense since people desire real love and relationship over porn which although attractive does not offer the depth and intimacy of a real loving relationship.

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On the dating market one seeks "real porn" based on real feelings and meeting people through online dating is more and more common.

This statistic presents information on the awareness of dating websites and apps among internet users in the United States.

During an April 2017 survey, it was found that 67 percent of internet users were aware of

Porn sites instantly satisfy the feelings, but dating sites satisfies the emotional aspect of love.

The number seem to support it but its really hard to imagine dating sites are more prevalent than porn.

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