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Offered by: Hanley Wood, LLC Category: Energy and atmosphere This online/on demand course will introduce low voltage lighting controls and how they can be paired with LEDs to increase the efficiency and efficacy of lighting design.This program will be appropriate for architects, engineers, lighting designers, building owners and other stakeholders.This learning unit is the resu lt of a research study performed to identify the best options for residential heating across all U. climate zones, based on the aforemen tioned variables.

How can LEED for Existing Buildings be used to ensure that LEED for New Construction buildings will achieve and maintain high sus tainability performance throughout their lives? Offered by: Propane Education & Research Council Category: Energy and atmosphere Architects, builders, contractors and homeowners today face a myriad of options for home heating systems.Learners may wi sh t o spend additional time to review concepts prior to completing the quiz.A certificate of completion can be printed for self-rep o rting and record-keeping needs.At least 8 of 10 questions must be answered correctly to earn credit for the learning unit.Start-to-finish this course should take between 75 and 85 minutes to complete.

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