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Yet if you are done with boys, hunters, players and ready to be with a real man, commit to a long term relationship make sure you are using your logic and not going after chemical and only fun attraction.

There’s a biological reason why you must take your time with a guy — since women produce more oxytocin and it is a key hormone released during sex — it effects our judgement by increasing levels of empathy, lowering our defences which makes us trust people more.

At this stage women with strong masculine mask go after only business’, significance, fame and refuses to get married and having children.

A man with masculine core — when a powerful and judgemental father dominates — puts a feminine mask in childhood.

When a wounded girl or boy becomes mature since they have not healed within they look for an outer source to fulfill and nurture them.

And at the time of dating there are indications to understand if you are with a wounded boy or a playboy: When a man is- asking you to go on a date and not willing to pick you up or pay for the bill- asking you to go on a vacation and not willing to organize and provide the trip- telling you that he wants to take his time to get to know you but he gets offended and repels when you take your time to be intimate with him- not going after you, pursue you but instead wants you to pursue himmost probably you are with a man with masks and not ready for a committed relationship.

Left brain dominant people are likely to be dog lovers also good in professions as finance, banking, awasome lawyers and judges.

Masculine energy is all about providing, leading and protecting. Feminine energy is generally very fast and energized, can do 25 things at once, ruled by the right hemisphere of the brain — emotional mind, creative, expressing emotions, speaks from the heart, full of life, passionate, compassionate.

What feminine energy needs is attention, to be understood and presence of his man.

What masculine energy needs is praise, admiration and sex.

Masculine energy is generally slow and dull, ruled by the left hemisphere of the brain — analytical mind, cold in judgement, logical thinker, great with organization, go-getters.

Through the awarness you gain, you develop a process for alligning your beliefs, values, and experience to pull you towards the life you desire.

My favorite day of the event is “Relationship Day” — nothing is more powerful than love, would you agree? Through the day, you become aware of what men want, need and desire; what women want, need and desire.

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