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Some will believe that everyone must get jealous to a certain extent, and may deal with this by not wanting to know about any other partners – but this can lead to problems further down the line, as communication is key to making a poly relationship work.

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It asks: What happens to women in a world where we scrap the “binary axis” of monogamy? Nobody is asking for a show called “Brother Husbands.” Nine of ten pictures for polyamory involve one man with multiple women.

If some supporter of theirs wants to tell me what I have to do in the next SSC survey to get results that they’ll be willing to believe, then let’s talk.

[EDIT: Many people are pointing out I’m looking at actually-existing-polyamory, not polyamory as it would be practiced if it hypothetically took over all of society.

However, poly men were still less likely to be single than mono men.

45% of the mono men in the sample were single, suggesting polyamory doesn’t hurt low-status men’s chances of getting a date.

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