Deal with intimidating

Even if the employer suspends the alleged abuser in an effort to avoid witness tampering, the employer has no jurisdiction beyond the company premises and may not be able to enforce this.

The abuser will often know the victim's contact details or address – or will even live in the same area as his victim.

Employers are more careful of punishing their employees than ever before In these 'legally sensitive' times, sufficient proof of wrongdoing will be required before acting.

It's this fear of retaliation that prevents most victims from coming forward - and for good reason.

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While a victim of workplace intimidation may enter a formal written grievance in relative safety, it's seldom they'll have the determination to face their abuser head-on, testify against them effectively or conduct their own case with any degree of skill.

This is true, to a greater or lesser extent, of all witnesses in workplace intimidation cases - not only the primary victims.

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