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That kind of stuff is okay, but you’ll quickly forget it and it will only really help you for, maybe, one good night.

What you really want is a resource that can change your attitudes and approaches to women FOREVER. You want a resource that will make your attraction skills and techniques a natural part of you, something that springs automatically from your powerful inner game.

You'll learn the 7 things women want most in men, the 10 mistakes that are preventing you from going home with her, and the 5 powerful techniques to get her to come on to you!

30 dynamic audio lessons, 8 bonus e-books including "How to Overcome Shyness" and "The Triple 0 Guide to Female Orgasms", over 5 hours of audio, 1 result. If you’re familiar with the seduction community, then you’ve probably seen his name.

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So if you’re keen to learn more, find out how to attract women now at the Double Your Dating website.

He tells you how to catch beautiful women’s attention by wearing the right clothes and positioning yourself the right way, what to say to bitchy women, how to reverse situations so that YOU look like the catch, and most interesting of all, the six things that attract women. De Angelo explains in great detail how doing things like treating a bitchy women with attitude and control of the situation, instead of apologizing and obeying her commands, will set her heart on fire and instantly separate YOU from 99% of the other guys out there…even the tall, rich, and handsome ones! These are interviews with guys who have "made it," who understand the principles behind female attraction.

For example, one of the things women instinctually love is exclusivity: playing hard to get, already having a girlfriend, that sort of thing. You get to hear big names like Style, Mystery, Carlos Xuma, and my personal favorite, Ken Kenny.

They’re turned off by your insecurity and fakeness.

But De Angelo doesn’t recommend being someone you’re not; he recommends being the best person you can be.

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