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In the end none of them quite fit the bill for us as they were a bit of a crossover on what he already had and we didn't want to buy for the sake of it.We did purchase a pale blue shirt though which he needed and you just can't go wrong with pale blue can you?Alistair is early fifties, just over 6 foot with square shoulders, 42" chest and 34" waist.Get him some clothes suitable for interviews for media related jobs.I therefore suggested that she be involved in this exciting project and Gillian agreed at once.

Special request by Gillian (don't tell Alistair)......him out of his fleece!Not too formal but smart enough to show respect and acknowledge the interview is important, whilst showing creativity.Fin is eighteen, with a 38" chest and 30" waist and long legs.We experimented with a cravat and neckerchief for him in an outfit but the look he loved most was with an ancient madder paisley bow tie.It added a fun, creative touch to the white shirt, jeans and khaki jacket as pictured.

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