Datingtraffic org

We are one of the key players when it comes to handling our clients professionally, and we stay ahead by treating our staff in the best possible way and expanding our company strategically, which in turn helps us gain market share and create opportunities for our staff.

It’s a big challenge to make sure you keep ahead and keep moving out of your comfort zone, but the rewards are just as great.

It was about building a sustainable company in a market that was still very fragmented.

we had to set up customer support and merchant accounts, install gateways, optimize user interfaces and perform fraud detection on traffic.

Along with my business partner Iwert, who was one of the first super affiliates, I’m also the founder of a successful network: Advidi.

Creating and growing a network was really an important development for me.

I was involved with the company that built most of the major Dutch search engines, such as Funda (which is still the biggest real estate site in the Netherlands), (which targets audiences that need to buy a car) and Ask Jolene.

I went to some of the first shows in our industry, Inter NEXT and Phoenix Forum back in the late nineties, where I started to build relationships which have lasted to this day.

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