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Dean of the Freedom Feens do a very special psychedelic cross-show episode where they discuss Adam Kokesh’s legal options, the War on Liberty, how the original Boston Tea Party was very much like today’s Occupy Wall Street, and why brewer/patriot Samuel Adams was full of MACHO LIBERTARIAN FLASH!The death of Adam's wife inspires a new kind of life...But that’s not because I think there’s something wrong with doing so.(I have an anarchist friend who made it his mission throughout college to go around town with giant bolt cutters, snapping the heads off of parking meters, and I think that’s awesome and hilarious.) I don’t usually encourage people to cheat, but that’s because it’s not a priority for me in terms of relationship activism, and because I do have enough experience being “cheated with” that I know the consequences in terms of drama and social disintegration are not usually worth it to me, personally.This irreverent and frank memoir follows Adam's snakes-and-ladders journey through his grief in the year following his wife's death, as he struggles with small town tongue wagging, the trauma of teenage bra shopping and online dating anarchy.Adam's is the biggest mid-life crisis anyone could face and as he starts to build a new, alternative life for himself and his children, he shows not just how to survive bereavement but how to be transformed by it.This was very hard for me to swallow as a baby Relationship Anarchist, because as a poly person I’d centered so much of my identity and public persona around an image of myself as being a Safe Person ™, devoted to open communication and respect for all relationship agreements.

A former account planner in a big advertising firm, he now writes a weekly column in The Guardian about adjusting to life as a single father.

But I went ahead and read the article, because maybe things are different in Sweden.

The author describes — here and in other posts such as “Relationship Anarchy is not Polyamory” — some core tenets of relationship anarchy well.

Which is not to say that I make a point of going around trying to seduce people out of their relationship contracts.

Much like, as a political anarchist, I don’t go around blowing up mailboxes or destroying government property for hell of it.

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