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Never having done online dating, particularly in a vast metropolis like New York City, I can’t tell if this is an accurate representation of the experience but I get the feeling that this is semi-autobiographical and “K” is really Koren (they look similar too).

There is a large amount of sex in this book, graphically depicted in the art, so this isn’t one for the kids.

I wasn’t expecting the speed but it was a perfectly paced beginning – no time wasted reheating the same romantic clichés!

Even though I could see where K’s headed, I didn’t mind the predictability when I was enjoying the journey so much.

But it’s not like it’s a one-sided indictment of online dating either.

Seabrook is also harshly honest about Seabrook, for sure, and Chet Brown’s Paying For It, well, is an interesting (and possibly troubling) defense of prostitution. Shadmi had broken up with his girlfriend, and at his roommate’s urging, he goes on an online dating site, Love Bug. I guess I should also say that the women he hooks up with seem to often just be seeking sex; they--sometimes--“use” him as he uses them.

Every Girl is the End of the World for Me is a very funny “loser” tale by Jeffery Brown of all the women he failed to make a connection with over one holiday break. Comics about sex (or thr desire for it) are Crumb territory, which he honestly and disturbingly chronicles in his My Trouble With Women. His roommate dates constantly, so soon they both do, all the time, out of control. And it is true that he did find his “true love” online through Love Bug!

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