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And if a psychic's reading is full of a lot of contradictions and gibberish, then I rate it as good. The doctor hands it to us saying that it'll do us good, we believe him, and we are miraculously cured. They can put spells even on apparent unbelievers who can easily start feeling pretty queasy in the night, if not worse. There are good psychics and bad psychics, and this one is an irresponsible charlatan. But whatever you do, don't do it on the advice of a psychic.

It is up to the client to pick bits out of it that mean something to her. There is a part of most of us, inside ourselves, that doesn't appear to obey the rational world at all. Readers say: Listen to yourself, not her Should you listen to the psychic? But you should take account of the fact that the psychic has been listening to you, and picking up on your unhappiness.

I think you're a classic example of the truth of this, in that you are actually thinking of doing something as drastic as dropping your boyfriend just because some mad old bat who knows nothing of you – or him – advises you to do so.

What do we get out of reading our stars, doing the Tarot or listening to a psychic's babble? I remember once, with a friend, getting our Tarot cards read. My reading was full of insight and I feel much better for it." What had happened, I realised, was that I had found, through listening to a variety of muddled words and descriptions of feelings, a resonance with how I was actually feeling myself.

It is time for you to decide who is in control of your future.

It would have meant something only to me, not to anyone else. But it is those psychics who say that you'll meet a tall, dark stranger, or that soon you'll be travelling a lot – or, like Phoebe's, who actually ask her to do something specific – who are the ones to be wary of. We all know what effect a sugar pill, or placebo, can have on our health.This alone would give rise to feelings of hopelessness.Rather than relying on consulting a psychic every three months, you may benefit from consulting a counsellor.You wouldn't ask a Relate counsellor to read your horoscope.Don't let a psychic advise you on your choice of partner.

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