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Although many Galiano guitars were relabeled Stellas made by Schmidt, a fair number of them were made by independent Italian American luthiers such as Antonio Cerrito, Raphael Ciani, and Joseph Nettuno.

Still others were purchased from various large Chicago factories like Kay, Regal and Harmony. After buying out the bankrupted Oscar Schmidt Company, from 1939 until about 1942 Harmony continued to use the old underlined Oscar Schmidt logo on their "Stella" instruments. It is commonly believed that only Oscar Schmidt used a combination of square kerfing along the top and beveled along the back, therefore this is the key to identification of genuine Oscar Schmidt instruments.

The work force at the Oscar Schmidt factory in Jersey City was to a large extent comprised of European-trained craftsmen.

The guitars they produced were ladder braced, not because it was the "cheap" way to build a guitar, but because this was the customary way steel stringed guitars were built in Italy, France and Germany until the mid-twentieth century.

The top enjoys a light touch and delivers a sweet growl without too much effort. There’s not a lot of bling but it makes up for it in playability and tone.

PRICE: 9 070118B This United body from the 60’s was married to an Oahu slothead neck from the 1930s and the pair didn’t turn out all that badly.

Slab-sawn birch top is killer as is the price for a completely rebuilt pre-war OS parlor guitar.

PRICE: 9 070118D The Stella brand was acquired from Oscar Schmidt upon the companies purchase by Harmony before the war.

And we have seen others with beveled in both the top and back position, a feature most often seen on very fancy koa wood models.I try to make buying online as simple but as safe as possible.I'll work with you on whatever you need for however long it takes for you to feel comfortable about a purchase.Harmony was the largest US guitar manufacturer between the 1930s and late 1960s.At the height of the guitar boom in the mid-1960s, Harmony was building more than 1000 instruments per day.

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