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Since the highest figures for either cartridge are well within safety limits, there is no reason to suppose that they are much at variance ballistically.For shooters who are not inclined to worry about the wear and tear on the barrel, a metal pointed cartridge is available in this caliber which performs the same as the other two.The terrific thing is that when you click and product listed below, then you are take a look at all the terrific item photos and a comprehensive description to ensure that it is the best product that you are searching for.Colt hand-ejector pocket revolvers in .32 caliber had been made for about 15 years and Smith & Wesson side-swingers had been on the market for four years in larger caliber before the latter decided to adapt the system to a .32 pocket revolver.Most of these changes would be overlooked unless you took the action apart.Revolvers bearing serial numbers from 1 to 19,425 were made before any changes were made.Ballistically, it did not differ greatly from the Civil War rim fire .32 long, though the bullet was heavier by 8 grains.But in accuracy, the new ammunition was greatly superior and it is still rated high in the fifth column of those tables put out by cartridge manufacturers which show how far away a bullet is dependable with the proper aim and trigger pull.

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The S&W .32 Long has the same outside dimensions as the .32 Colt Police Positive, or New Police, but some manufacturers produce the Colt cartridge with a 100-grain bullet. and 140 foot pounds of energy, though the Smith & Wesson ballistics table credits it only with 734 f.s. Just to be different, the Winchester table gives it a velocity of 817 f.s. The Colt cartridge is listed by Colonel Hatcher as exerting 720 f.s.

of velocity and energy of 120 foot pounds, but Winchester only concedes it 706 and 109 respectively and Smith & Wesson omits its ballistics from the table, although it is mentioned as an alternate cartridge in the catalogue.

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