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Lisbon Cathedral is one of the city’s oldest structures.Built in the mid-twelfth century, Lisbon Cathedral was constructed after Christian crusaders led by King Afonso Henriques had retaken the city from the Moors.The site also boasts an early Christian basilica, though this can only be visited on guided tours.There is an informative visitor track around the ruins which is dotted with explanatory panels.The Pena National Palace is one of the most expressive specimens of 19th century romanticism in the world.This whimsical multi-coloured creation, sitting high on a peak among swirling mists, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sintra's Cultural Landscape.St George’s Castle in Lisbon is a medieval citadel resting high atop one of the city’s highest hills overlooking the Tagus River.Today, people mostly visit St George’s Castle for its beautiful views across Lisbon on Ulysses Tower.

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Bussaco Battlefield in Portugal was the site of a British-Portuguese victory against the French during the Peninsular War.Citania de Briteiros is a Portuguese archaeological site containing the ruins of an ancient settlement.In fact, dating back to the second century BC, Citania de Briteiros was home to a people known as part of the castro culture, named as such because the high areas on which they settled where known as "castros".The Battle of Bussaco took place on 27 September 1810 and the allies were led by the Duke of Wellington.Visitors can see the headquarters of the French Marshal André Masséna and also visit the nearby military museum.

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