Dating scams on chemistry com 2gether dating site

So, if you pay to use the service for 3 months, at the end of those months you will be charged again (without notifying) for the same amount of time you initially chose.

This will continue happening until you realize you’ve been ripped off and cancel your membership.

The answer is that you cannot know whether the dating profiles you see on the home page are created using other people’s personal info or whether they are genuine.

Similarly, you can never be sure where your photos and individual info will end and who will reuse them.

is an online dating site that promises countless numbers of like-minded matches for you.

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One of the things you should know is that the site gains exclusive right to take and reuse any and all posted information, and distribute them across other sites in their network and affiliated sites.

Owning and maintaining a website is costly and the owner knows this would probably be a turn-off for many site users.

So, they need to make their site’s membership exclusive.

Then, the site finds your first five matches which the site markets as completely free and you should be ready to go.

But is everything really that easy or is hiding some scamming truths from its own users?

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