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I got an International (full stock) with the old bluing and it looks great.I think about the only reason to buy a full stocked rifle is looks, why Ruger would change it is beyond me.* the 10/22 International with Mannlicher style stock has been discontinued along with the .22 Magnum version.As of March 2012, the 10/22 was introduced in the Takedown version and is delivered in a backpack type case, marketed as a survival rifle.I had paint flakes popping off in the action after about 400-500 rounds, using only CLP for cleaning.Plus, I've seen a little peening in spots that has me wondering if Ruger had anodized the receiver before applying the finish.I cleaned up the trigger, it was still lousy but better.I dumped it after a few months, will not buy another new one.

The new ones have a spray-on finish that wears off pretty easily inside the receiver.

The standard 10/22 ships with a black 10 round rotary magazine.

Ruger has also produced a clear, polycarbonate 40th anniversary edition 10 round magazine as well as a five round rotary magazine (for states that restrict magazine capacities).

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Although, I'd be surprised if you found one for sale that's more than 10-15 years old.

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