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The plateau has two famous lakes Kara-Kol and Jangyskol.The best view is from a hill with a geodesic tower to the west from the lake.It’s a great spot to look at Ak-Turu and Kurkurek and the Kurayskiy mountain range, a river snaking in the west, small lakes and bush thickets.That’s where you stop to rest, walk, take photos and sleep.These burial mounds are considered to be among the most mysterious places in Altay.Specialists are still studying the findings discovered here in the Soviet times.Its waters are so clear you can spot a smallest fish from afar.Aktash hydro power plant The unfinished HPP stands on the right bank of the river Chuya.

They became a local landmark after a narrow twisted passage was laid between them. Relay station in Aktash The working relay station providing the whole republic with signal stands 3000 m above the sea level.The station attracts travelers because you can get here both on foot and by car.The ascent is steep, the road is rough but the view is worth it.A massive mountain Altyn-Tuu (Golden Mountain) stands out in the west.When the weather is calm and clear, the waters of Teletskoye mirror the hills, grassland meadows, thickets of local weeds some of which can grow 3-4 meters during a summer.

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