Dating rogers drums serial numbers

A New Old Stock drum purchased from the music store that bought it new from the factory and never sold it. Although almost impossible to verify with total accuracy, it is believed that less than 3000 wood dynasonics were built, and of this number, probably less than 50 were pre-badge drums, most of which did not survive. version of the strainer and lowered the height of the hoops.

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From the pictures posted, they appear to be speckled gray. The location on the tags refers to the location they were manufactured at: Cleveland then Dayton (actually located in Covington, OH) then to Fullerton, CA.Hey guys, so about 7 or 8 years ago, a buddy of my dad, decided to GIVE me his classic blue sparkle, rogers holiday kit. We have all the original hardward, heads, everything, and it sounds amazing.The sizes of it are:14x6.5 Chrome Dynasonic Snare - Serial number 1340712x8 Rack Tom - Serial number 8927813x9 Rack Tom - Serial number 8950616x16 Floor Tom - Serial number 8627820x16 Bass Drum - Serial number 89201For a while I've been trying to do some research on it, but it's been really hard and i haven't gotten much on it so i was hoping you guys would be able to help me out.This Dayton drum is in remarkable condition and has the factory original snare frame for nylon snares, which are also included. His input, along with that of Buddy Rich, and Joe Thompson and Ben Strauss of Rogers,helped create Rogers? The drum shown here was given to Ellis by me, and he played it until he passed on in 2001.I was fortunate enough to obtain this drum from a good friend of mine at the 2005 Chicago Vintage Show. Ellis signed the inside of the shell of this drum, and it is complete with documentation between Ellis and myself, as well as Ellis? This drum has not been drilled for an internal muffler.

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